Our History

The Model United Nations Society at UTSA first became an official society in December 2013. Our first meeting was held in January 2014. Our first Alamo MUN Conference was held in the fall of 2014. Since, we have held an Alamo MUN Conference every fall semester. Our society has steadily been growing since it was first founded, as have our conferences. Our first conference in 2014 consisted of only one UN council with less than 20 people. Our most recent conference in 2018 had over 110 delegates participating.

We are excited for what our future holds. As we continue to grow, we continue to excel in all we do. In spring 2018, we held a successful panel on the politics and science of nuclear warfare with three guest speakers. This past spring 2019, we held another successful panel on nationalism in international politics. We aim to cover all disciplines dealing with international issues to maintain a broad outlook on global affairs.

This fall 2019, we will hold our sixth annual Alamo MUN Conference. We will be modeling four different UN councils. We look forward to the future our society has. We learn from past events and apply what we have learned into planning for even better events in the future. What started as a love and interest in global affairs and the United Nations has grown into so much more. Not only is our society interested in international issues and topics, but we are also developing our professional skills for future global careers and endeavors.