Our meetings for the fall 2019 semester will be held in the Willow Room (SU 02.02.12). The dates of the society meetings for the fall semester will be as followed:

  • 9/4/19

  • 9/18/19

  • 10/2/19 **PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be held in MH 03.02.30**

  • 10/16/19

  • 10/30/19

  • 11/13/19

  • 11/27/19

  • 12/11/19

In our meetings, we discuss the planning and organization of all events our society is hosting or participating in. For example, in the fall semesters the society plans and hosts its Alamo Model UN Conference and in the spring semesters it focuses on its panel. In addition to planning and organizing, we also discuss and debate international issues. Whether a specific global problem is brought up, or the debate is led freely, the conversation is open and flowing.

Our meetings are a great way to not only participate in our society, but also educate yourself on global affairs and international issues. Attendance of meetings is not mandatory but highly encouraged. If you would like to attend our society meetings, please contact us to learn more about our next meeting and how to join.