How to Join

To join the UTSA Model UN Society, you must pay your dues of $15 per academic year. In addition to dues, you must have a GPA of 2.5. To be considered an active member, you need to attend meetings regularly. Our meetings are held only once every other week for an hour and a half. For more specific information on our meeting times and dates, please refer to the 'Meetings' tab.

There are many benefits to joining the society. Not only are you creating a higher awareness of international issues, but you are also broadening your horizon and learning. Debating global affairs both in society meetings and at events we host helps develop your knowledge of world issues and public speaking skills. Working with others in groups helps shape your group work skills and diplomatic relations. Being a part of the UTSA Model UN Society is great for all majors as it offers many skills. Whether you want to be a diplomat, scientist, or teacher, your experience in the society and our events will enhance your professional skills.